The Standbike V8 is both an extreme concept motorbike and a technological work of art. Standbike V8 is fully functional and is ready-to-ride after an adrenalin injection!

The first and only extreme power motorbike of this type is currently with us, serving as a kind of company "signboard" demonstrating our creative ability.

So, the whole Standbike story started with the Standbike V8 extreme concept motorbike.. The aim was to build a two-wheel motorbike-like vehicle with wide wheels with a flat profile which do not lean on turns, providing a large grip surface. The vehicle's body, however, similarly to traditional motorbikes, leans on the bends. The body carries the main mass of the vehicle (engine, gear shift, tank, etc, and rider). The development and construction of this extreme concept motorbike took 8 years, and was a serious challenge for the team! Our aim was to build a unique power bike by employing numerous individual technical solutions.

Unique technical features:

Tech specs

Axle distance 2615 mm
Total length 3210 mm
Total mass 690 kg
Mass of base body 170 kg
Mass of banking body 520 kg
Engine General Motors V8 old style 305 cui (5000 ccm)
Gear box Mechanical, 4 shift + reverse
Front tyre Two, 205/45x16"

The SuperBikeBoard

The Standbike Board (or SuperBikeBoard) is the newest kick ‚€“ you certainly don‚€™t have anything like this extreme power sport in your neighbourhood! But neither have you survived such a thrill on dry land: surfboard, two wheels, full throttle ‚€“ no water around you, just the shower of adrenalin! Feel the pleasures of unrestricted scooting and curve-hunting on your own extreme power scooter! Here you really are one with the bike in each of your moves, just dance away your manoeuvres on the top of the board, feel the leaning of your body! The harmony of the footwork and the spirit of Samba should be with you in the curves! Only the brave the bold need apply!

"And what's it good for?"

If that was your first question, then feel free to surf on out, because this new extreme scooter sport is not for you!

But if you're a pro on the snowboard, jet skiing isn't enough of a thrill, and you're bored of water skiing, or you simply love challenging technical sports, then you can already understand what our super extreme scooter is good for!

So quickly go and sign up at the local gym, for at least one month, and get your thighs into shape.

Then, once you've prepared yourself physically and mentally for the newest extreme scooter ride, summon all your surfing knowledge, spring onto the SuperBikeBoard, turn up the gas and after the first bend you'll be grinning to your ears!

"Is it hard to ride on?"

The Standbike Board can be operated very easily, right up to the point where you begin pushing the limits. As a vehicle it behaves very friendly, not wanting to throw you off its back at all; in fact, the extremely low centre of gravity makes it feel much lighter than it is. This way anybody may take the plunge into extreme scooting on their first ride, even with little surfing or biking experience. Both starting and stopping are very easy with the automatic gear! The height of the handlebar is well-situated both when you are standing tall and with knees bent, heading into the curves. As long as you ride "normally" it is very easy and safe (as safe as other two-wheeled bikes) to ride the SuperBikeBoard - but when you start busting some extreme moves, you‚€™d better tie your protectors on tight!

"Where can I drive it?"

The Standbike Board is first of all a technical sport tool that - without a seat - is allowed to be operated on closed tracks or any non-public area in most of the European and USA states. However if you click the auxiliary seat in place, you can ride it like a normal motorbike on any public road. When the SuperBikeBoard is delivered to the funs, it could be used as a normal (license numbered) motorbike with its auxiliary seat. You can use it on a public road with a driving license but when you reach a safety track and you simply rise off the seat (or wholly unfasten it) you can fully enjoy the extreme fun of SuperBikeBoard!

Vehicle and body structure

Outstandingly solid, custom-made steel tube frame, tuned up high-performance wheel suspensions, disc brakes in front and rear. Almost flat board, ergonomic handlebar adjusted to the standing position. The final model may vary slightly in appearance and engine make.

Engine 250 ccm (Aprilia)
Power cc.20LE
Speed cc.140 km/h
Gear shift automatic
Frame steel tube
Axle distance 1660 mm
Mass 128 kg

Apply for SBB Club

The SuperBikeBoard has not been not launched publicly. We will manufacture a limited number of SBBs only. If you are interested in the extreme fun of the SuperBikeBoard, first click here to present yourself and check in to our SBB friends group (we do not send spam, ads, etc. see Privacy Statement).

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